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As creative director for website construction, rebuilds, updates and maintenance, I work with you on design, messaging, information flow, text, determining keywords, SEO, image selection and functional performance. I generally am the general contractor and architect for your site. Based on what you need I select the program or builder we will work with to achieve your vision. I have designed and written for websites for over 20 years for dozens of satisfied clients.  Below are a few of the examples. More importantly, lets talk about what you need to make you stand out to the right clients or customers on line.

The REMM Group

I have been Creative Director and content creator for The REMM Group Website for over 10 years. This included two complete rebuilds. One when the company sold, and another to make the website mobile compliant. This is a large website with hundreds of pages and links. We update it weekly to maintain a high rating in search engines, and keep the information fresh and relevant to a ever changing real estate market. Click to see live site. 


Elty the Buckleless Belt 

This is a site I built on Wix and continue to update regularly. It includes a store. Check it out: Elty, The Buckleless Belt.



In 2022 we created this website for the energy startup, InfiniRel.

infinirel front page_edited.jpg

D&G Equipment 

D&G Equipment’s website was a portal to their business under my creative direction for over 15 years. During this time, we did several re-builds of the site. Maintenance of the site wat rigorous with the need to change with seasons, sales, and co-op requirements. The Dealership successfully sold to Hutson Inc. in 2021 so the site is no longer active.

D&G Equipment website.png

Renew Technology Inc.

I did a complete rebuild of this site and we added a store as well.  The full renew site can be seen here. 


Round Lake Fruit Farm

This is a simple website, with far fewer moving elements than many we create. However, it’s a project that keeps on giving and has served the client well for many years. Not everyone needs a large and website, check out this clean simple design: Round Lake Produce.

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