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Content Creation Services

Crafting Words that Connect, Inform, and Convert

My agency formed from my writing. I was a creative writer that needed to make a living when I took a job in advertising. It was there that I discovered the power of combining my creative flair and writing skills with a deep understanding of my clients' needs. This approach not only crafted impactful advertisements but also cultivated a base of loyal clients. These clients, drawn to my unique vision and dedication, continued to support me when I transitioned into running my own advertising agency.

Blog Writing:

Producing informative, engaging, and SEO-optimized blog posts that drive traffic, engage your audience, and position your brand as a thought leader. Below are links to dozens of diverse samples of my work. 

Blog Samples:

You'll find dozens of blog posts I've written under the clients names here: Real Estate Blog Posts

Blog posts promoting a product can be found here: Product Promotion Blog Posts

Samples of blog posts for Green Tech Startup , Reducing Waste in Green Energy,  Camping Fashion for Beginners 

Press Releases:

Crafting compelling press releases that capture media attention and effectively communicate your brand's announcements, achievements, or events. Follow these links to see some of the releases I have written.

PR Samples:

There are over 20 press releases that I have written here: In The News

This is a press release I wrote to announce a successful: Wefunder Campaign

This release is for a Cleantech Award

This release announces: Record Sales 

Writing Articles:

Writing insightful articles that resonate with your target audience, enhance brand visibility, and offer valuable information. 

Article Samples

Santa Cruz Works Article

MHN Executive Council Article 

Article About Hot Apartment Amenities

Article on Marketing Strategies

My Process:

Understanding Your Brand: dive deep into your brand's identity, goals, and target audience to ensure our content aligns with your overall strategy.

Topic Research and Ideation: Identifying topics that will interest and engage your audience while supporting your marketing objectives.

Content Creation: Our team of experienced writers crafts high-quality, original content that reflects your brand's voice and appeals to your audience.

SEO Optimization: Ensuring all content is optimized for search engines to maximize visibility and reach.

Review and Revision: Collaborating with you for feedback and revisions to ensure the content meets your expectations.

Why Choose My Content Services?

Tailored Content Strategy:  I don't just write content; I brand your story and create a strategy that serves your larger marketing goals.

Quality and Originality : My commitment to originality and quality means your content will stand out.

SEO and User-Focused: I balance SEO best practices with user engagement to create content that ranks well and resonates with readers.

Versatility: From technical articles to humorous blog posts, my range is vast and versatile.

AI Proficient: Chances are any one you hire today to write will be using an AI tool to produce your content.  I am a writer that's proficient with AI tools, not someone who's proficient at AI so they think they can create content.  I had decades of experience producing marketing, advertising, and PR copy before AI was an option.  If you want the cost-effectiveness of AI enhanced content, like that produced by Chat GBT,   I'm the person you want directing  and editing that work.

Ready, Set, Create:

Ready to enhance your online presence with professionally written blogs, press releases, and articles? Contact me today to start a conversation about your content needs and how I can help your brand shine.

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