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Susan McPeak

Owner, Principal, Creator

I stumbled into advertising and media in 1990--yep, a long time ago. My background in writing and my natural creativity served me well. Most importantly I found I loved small and medium sized business, and their stories. I had a passion to help these business owners grow their businesses and loved seeing how I could help them to thrive. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

In the year1995 my husband and I started the company which became McPeak Media. I was President and Creative Director of that agency for the next 18 years. When we divorced in 2013, I started a new advertising and media company. I named it The Dales Group, to honor my parents, Martin and Vivian Dales, who taught me many things, but above all, to have integrity in all I do. 

In addition to helping other businesses grow, I invented a product called Elty Belt, I create paintings using polymer clay as my medium. I love to dance, I'm learning pickleball. If you want to hear an interesting story ask me about the year and a half I traveled and lived in a travel trailer, while running my agency.

So tell me about you. What are your roots and how do they help define your business? 

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